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Close up of the owner Trevor Gillette with his arms crossed wearing a light blue shirt.


Gillette Window & Solar Cleaning was founded by Trevor Gillette in 2022. He always had a passion for good customer service and doing work with integrity. Due to friends and family's constant need for good, reliable help, he decided to use his knowledge and experience to start his own cleaning business and fill the need in the community for quality work. He is supported by his wife Isabel, family, friends, and customers who have left reviews and recommended him to their family & friends and continue to use his services.

In the beginning, the business was just "Gillette Window Cleaning" until we saw how big solar panels were becoming in California. After extensive research and practice (thanks grandma!), we decided to add solar panel cleaning as a primary service and added it to the name. Then came the natural addition of gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation for the winter months. We believe in always being willing to grow and change with the times by adding services we can stand behind and know will benefit our customers.

The owner Trevor Gillette cleaning the outside of a window with a squeegee.
The owner Trevor Gillette cleaning a solar panel with a specialized brush.
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